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Will you follow my instructions ? Leave the door on the latch. He kneels blindfolded and 0pig naked at the foot of the bed with your feet slightly more than the bank. Do not turn the heating, in a little ice water ready for me in the night table and soft background music. Finally, all clean.... When I arrive, do not talk to me, if I make a specific question, and keep your head down at any time, with hands on both sides of the head. I'll tell you how good it is to see, waiting for me. I wonder if you feel so exposed. I'm going through all contact and sucking cock and balls. All we can do is kneel and do what you say. I'll run my hands down her back in the buttocks, thighs, calves and back up the balls. Caress and lightly scratching the skin. I could even hit a little. But I'll just touch his penis if it is difficult and spasms. As soon as you are both comfortable and lick it all over. Pull the bag, plaand with the dam and mock 0pig you. If your penis is ready, I 'm going to suck for only a short time before moaning, then lick his balls while masturbating in the back. I'll suck eggs. Buttocks licking and stroking my tongue all over her ass. Constantly masturbating. I'll tongue your hand idiot, a caress your balls and another pull on his penis. when you can not stand it no longer slip my finger in my ass and my lips on his helmet. Thumbsucking and your life. If issued, so I get up yourself, you 0pig will have the right to lick my pussy while I was there for you. You have been a good boy, he left me in the ass. If you are good to continue the 0pig progress that I have to butt plugs and strap -ons. But I say that. I suppose you think.
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